TLS - Trading and Logistic Solutions

TLS - Trading and logistic solutions is an international freight forwarding company with offices in Lithuania and Belarus. We offer services on delivery of cargoes various types of transport worldwide. Multimodal and international road transport, air transport, rail transport.
The company's activities and the efforts of our employees focused on the organization of logistics of the client so that the service has been provided with the least involvement of the client in the vicissitudes of the mechanism of the organization of delivery, customs clearance, warehousing and other procedures.
Our mission is to Meet the modern requirements of logistics services with the aim of establishing contact for business and society, while respecting the interests of shareholders.


Want to be part of TLS??

The company is constantly in need of employees, which primarily represent exceptional people with a proactive attitude, fast learners, or with a good baggage of competences in the field of international logistics.


Qualities that we need:

The intensity of our business requires that employees have a proactive response to the tasks, operational decision-making, regardless of their complexity. We need only active people both in spirit and in manner of implementation, organisation and control of its workflow.



We are always responsible for their words and always do what we promise with the aim not to harm neither our partners nor our customers nor our employees and society in General. Regardless of the complexity of the decisions and the consequences for us, we always adhere to the highest moral principles of doing business is a common life principles and moral values of society. We expect the same from their employees and candidates.

You have the knowledge and skills sufficient to work in this business will be one of the decisive factors when deciding about cooperation with us. We are ready and able to develop existing competencies thanks to our experience, development plans and continuous learning and analysis of complex new challenges of the market. We are also ready to assess those competencies that may be important for us, but not directly related to transport logistics. If You are a tough negotiator, if You can convince, if You are ready to set a goal and achieve it in difficult conditions and in a limited time range, if you are willing and able to sell the pencil even to the man who is now a dozen, then You are our man.

Experience in sales, transport, freight forwarding, international logistics will be a significant advantage along with the other candidates to our team. We consider and give the opportunity to all, without exception, however, give first preference to candidates with experience in these areas.



Knowledge of languages is an essential requirement when working in our business. We welcome candidates with knowledge of English, Polish, German, Chinese languages and give them a preferential right to work in our team.

If You are not by hearsay familiar with the word Responsibility and You are willing to prove it by their life examples, and be guided by the principle of personal responsibility for their actions and inaction in the workflow, we will be glad to have You.


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